Socially Constructed Ideas of Beauty..


This week I was taught a lesson in self image by a teenager…I really should know better!

I commented that it’s fine for larger ladies to wear leggings if they do it wisely….e.g. under a tunic or a dress….and bless her, tiny and perfectly formed as she is in my eyes,  Georgia said “Mum, if a very large person wants to wear leggings with a crop top, why can’t they do that? Why, if they are happy with how they look, shouldn’t they wear exactly what they want to wear?”  It pains me to admit that she is actually quite right.  All because I am not happy wearing leggings and a crop top, who am I to judge the rights of others to wear exactly the outfit they feel happy in….I find I have been pulled into those socially constructed ideas of beauty..


We find ourselves studying the pictures of others, pictures of perfection in magazines, even though we know they are all photo shopped to the maximum, we still believe this is the ideal beauty….

So, I shall take a leaf out of the book of my teen and ask that everyone tries to teach their children what really matters in this world….take all you see on Social Media with a massive pinch of salt and enjoy it for what it is….a dressed up photoshoot…


Girls, change your perspective, work on your self-esteem…you are not the length of your eyelashes, you are not the size of your chest, you are you….nobody else is you, nobody else has exactly what you have….be authentic, be kind and make the world a better place..

Have a happy Friday!!

Geri xxx

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