Be Gentle With Yourself..


Don’t we all know this to be true….but how often do we take our own advice whilst dishing it out left, right and centre to everyone else…

If you have been neglecting your own happiness and keep forgetting to visit your very own happy place just do something little towards it today…it doesn’t have to be a giant step, just something very very tiny….

Need some ideas?…..just choose one of these…

Tonight go to bed earlier, say goodnight to everyone and sneak off, take a bath, take your favourite book to bed with you….relax….

Google local walks and grab a loved one and stride out and get some fresh air….get a few photos and share them with the world….especially if your timeline has been pretty negative lately…instead of ranting at your nearest and dearest show them flowers, show them that Spring is edging ever closer…

Find your favourite comedian on You Tube and spend an hour laughing, or invite your funniest friends around for tea and cake….

Buy yourself some flowers, you can get daffodils these days for just £1.00….

Sit and make a list of 10 things you would like to do just for you….be selfish….make plans to do them and then just do it…

Some of mine….a lavender bath…..a long walk….a film watched from beneath a duvet….painting my nails (I often neglect this one)…an hour with a crochet hook and some yarn….finding a new recipe….I have a new car to collect, I am very excited about this one, so car to clean and tidy and have fun with (picture below, that’s Mabel…don’t fret, Ethel is still staying…)….I like a good road trip with Christopher which usually ends up with me trying to keep my eyes open whilst he drives….family get togethers….girlie pampering with Georgia whilst she tries to get me to quote the latest memes….


Pick yours today and tell me what you did…..

Food shown here from The Highwaymans Haunt a little gem of a place in Devon, well recommended if you are in that area….

The crochet around the old coffee jar holding the blooms from The Little Box of Crochet

And Mabel is a Nissan Figaro….looking forward to driving her….

Happy Wednesday!!

Geri xxx

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