You Have Always Been Beautiful..


As soon as you realise this, everything else just falls into place….when I got to forty nine I decided to be fit and fifty, not fat and fifty….alas, when I hit fifty needless to say, I was not fit..But, on reflection I was not totally unhappy with the image I saw in the mirror….with clothes on….

So, I took a little time enjoying the things about my physical appearance I did like….settling into my own skin, being thankful for what I have….and it’s much more than I had originally realised….Take a good long look at yourself today….not so bad was it?? For every little thing you don’t like about yourself there are at least ten people who don’t see that and are pretty envious of what you do have….All those perfect people you would love to be?  They are just like you, they have insecurities, they have ears they don’t like, they have toes they think are hobbit like…they have wobbly bits you don’t know about….

I have finally been doing some exercise every day….it’s not running a marathon, but I can touch the floor with my palms with straight legs again…I can pick something up from the floor without groaning….I can do 150 squats in one go….still can’t do that elusive press up though…it always was the impossible exercise for me….weak arms, stronger legs….b0689e2beab31de00a70983fe49f72c1

It really doesn’t matter if your planks are shaky, your legs wobble or the earth moves when you jump….it doesn’t matter if you don’t look different straight away, what matters is that you are doing that one little thing that makes you feel better inside….It’s working for me, I hide myself away in the bathroom and do mine….nobody even knows I am doing it…but it is bringing a little more strength every day…

It just takes those little changes, go on! You know you can do it!

Geri xx

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