Become Your Own Hero..


I think every single one of us has had a time where we just want somebody to come along and help….where we feel helpless to do it on our own…And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, nothing wrong with accepting the help of others because fundamentally that is what we should do for each other, we should just help out..

But sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, pull on our big girl panties and become the hero in our own stories…feel the fear and do it anyway….stop sweating the small stuff and just get on with it….Do the thing that scares us the most, eliminate the things that make our world a more negative place….take a paracetamol and go to work when you have a headache, if you hate the place that much take steps to move on, find a passion, strive towards it….but never bury your head under that duvet and stay there too long….don’t get stuck in that rut waiting for a rope to be thrown down, sharpen your nails and claw your own way out….you might surprise yourself with those climbing skills….Don’t trample over others to get out of that pit, work as a team and everyone will get out…

Life rules should just be this simple shouldn’t they?

To help, write down the things that upset you about your current chapter, think of ways to change the story direction….it may not happen overnight but what are the alternatives?  Stay in your story as the victim or come out as the hero?


I must admit to being rather fond of my own comfort zone….every now and then I pop outside of it and this is where I do my learning…where I grow the most….before relaxing back into the comfort zone again…there is nothing wrong with your comfort zone if you just leave it every now and again….

A balanced life is learning to be both soft and strong in your own story….just one way or the other doesn’t work…not for me anyway….Always remember, what you allow to continue will end up writing your own story for you….rewrite it…only you can do that!

I’m not entirely sure where my story will end up today….I have bought Georgia a wax pot and she is currently watching You Tube for some guidance on waxing my eyebrows for me….surely this will be my foot out of the comfort zone today!

You know what? I am not ashamed to say that I do suffer with anxiety, as many many other people do….I know there will always be things I have to do which will make me anxious….I don’t even like driving the short distance to work…I hate flying….talking to people I don’t know bothers me….but I will never, never let this beat me….I will carry on and do it anyway…yes, there may be times I slip a little and under the duvet is the only place to be….but don’t ever think this is the only answer….do that thing that scares you….amazingly you might just enjoy it….I always do….

Have a happy weekend!! I am now off to let the teenager loose on my facial hair….the duvet is prepared for later….

Geri xxx

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