Break the Habit…Talk About Your Joys..


We all have that one friend don’t we?  You know, the one you love to bits when you are with them, but they are addicted to sharing problems through social media….You stalk them on Facebook and go back over their posts and realise that every single one is negative…and yet meet them for coffee and cake they are a different person…Yes, they have that social media rant addiction…then you find yourself unfollowing them, and even though they don’t know you have deleted their posts from your wall….you still feel guilty about it….

What if that addiction is yours?? Are you addicted to sharing all of your problems over the world wide web….go back over your posts and check it out…you might be surprised….”heartbroken”….”annoyed”….”fuming”…oh my days, is that really you?? You know it’s not, you just forgot to share all of your joys.  Nobody wants you to pretend to be joyous when you are not, by all means let people know when you are unhappy, but please don’t forget to share your fun times….take a picture of that flower that made you smile… remember that belly ache laugh? Share the occasion….

And those cryptic posts?  You know the ones, the ones that show “I am totally fuming right now” or something similar, it just sits there waiting for someone to ask the obvious, “whats up?” and then up pops “Will DM you”…oh for goodness sake….in between your joyous posts, if something is making you boil and you feel the need to express it, at least just come out with it…you know, like I just have here….

And to our teens….when I say share your joys remember your future employers will check out social media…they are human beings just like you…. We know you love your Calvin Klein’s  and you love your boyfriend but we don’t need to see your underwear or see you playing tonsil tennis to appreciate it….sometimes words are best….Keep it classy guys….You will only regret it one day…take it from an old girl like me :o)  Just as well there was no Facebook when I was a teenager….say no more….

.Life is too short to spend all of your time ranting….if someone doesn’t know you personally never take their words personally….I have had to work on this one but it does get easier….


Now pull on those positive pants (no need to take photographic evidence) and have a happy Monday!! Positive vibes only…..

Geri xxx

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