It’s OK not to be OK all the time..


We all have those blue, down days….Sometimes it’s hormones, sometimes it’s a virus you don’t know you have, the position of the moon, life cycles…I don’t know what it is, I just know it happens sometimes for no apparent reason and all you can do is sit tight and weather it, sleep on it…tomorrow is another day.

Some call it depression….I don’t think I am depressed, just some days I feel really blaaaahhhh!  I guess professionals can’t really call it that…. Wisdom and practice has helped me….I know that when these days come I want to eat junk….this rarely makes anything any better….but I still sometimes do it anyway….Sometimes shutting myself away and watching rubbish TV seems the right thing to do….this rarely helps either even though it feels like it does at the time…

On one of those days where brushing hair and making some sort of human resemblance of a face seems like too much….here are some of my tried and tested activities that usually help….

Drink tea and eat cake….but not too much…..I sometimes overstep the mark here.

Get out the lipstick, the hairbrush, wax my eyebrows, do my nails, splash on some perfume…even if I am staying at home….it can be an effort but it works for me…

Tidy up the clutter….even if you can’t bear to sort it, at least throw it all in a box out of the way to do when you are having a great day….the tidy spaces will help to lift your mood, even though all you have essentially done is hide it….

Go for a power walk…..up hills, down hills, getting lungfuls of fresh air and drinking lots of water….

Buy some cheap flowers….it doesn’t have to break the bank… Even better, buy some flowers for someone else too….

Dig out the cook books and make something new…..

Chat to the friends who always cheer you up….be selfish….make them work for it….

Pull out the mountain of an ironing pile and just do it…..

I must admit there are days when none of this will do it for me….on those days, accept it’s one of “those” days….have a good weep and wail….eat chocolate…. soak in a lavender bath… movies….don’t get dressed and accept it….It won’t be this way forever….


Check out vintagebytheseaside for teapot cosies… this one already sold though…

Check out the Little Box of Crochet here…

Today was not a blaaaaahhhh day for me….it is after all Friday…tomorrow is hairdresser day and it’s supposed to be sunny…..for now I might light the woodburner….throw some chicken in the oven and snuggle with the cats…


Happy Weekend!!!! Yay!!!

Geri xxx

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