The Most Important Thing a Girl Wears…


Anybody who knows me will have seen me in a multitude of different weird and wonderful outfits….I have to admit not all of them have been particularly comfortable.  Some involved sticky tape to keep it on, some have involved heels I can’t walk in….some have involved colours which make me look awful….

When it comes to the wisdom of being older, now I find comfort is the key…when I am comfortable I am confident…simple as that.  This doesn’t mean a wardrobe full of beige and black…oh no….rainbow colours and sparkles all the way…no matter how old I am there will always be colour!

But what has happened to all of the clothes in my wardrobe that I no longer wear.  The stuff that’s too small…hoping for that one day I might be a size 12 again…It has nearly all gone…if I haven’t worn it in the last year or it doesn’t fit or it needs mending (and being realistic that’s never going to happen here) it has to go.  Some have been sold, some have gone to the charity shop, what I have left is exactly what I want to be wearing, it all fits, it’s all comfy and it all makes me feel confident.

Just have a quick look through your wardrobe and simply take out all of the things first of all that don’t fit….doesn’t that feel better, sell them or donate them….if you do change size at any time just see it as a reason to buy some new clothes which fit….


Wear what YOU want to wear, don’t be dictated to by society, if you love it you will shine…

On that note…it’s finally sunny here today….I am wandering off to the village to catch up with the gossip at the hairdressers….enjoy your Saturday!

Geri xxx

2 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing a Girl Wears…

  1. To be honest, when I was young I wanted to be different to everyone else….I don’t think that has changed but I don’t suffer for my attention seeking ways now :o)….Age is so much more fabulous than I thought it would be! 🙂 xx


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