If one is a Greyhound, why try to look like a Pekingese?


Dame Edith Sitwell, I have googled her for you….this lady had Marfan Syndrome….a new one on me…a genetic disorder of the connective tissue causing the person to be tall and thin with long arms, legs, fingers and toes…. As a child she was known as “poor little E” and was miserable and lonely until discovering literature and music.


She rose above it and made her eccentric style her own and became a fashion icon in her day… You know what? You can do this too….

I love her quote taken directly from the { Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy } By Ban Breathnach, Sarah ( Author ) 09-2009 [ Hardcover ] today.

She is so right!! Do either of these guys look unhappy to you….do either of them care that they look completely different?? Of course not! So maybe we should take that and live with it ourselves…..I bet you never thought the lesson today would be “act like dogs”..


Don’t get dragged into thinking girls with curves are sexier or you have to be thin…..all girls are sexy, it comes from within ladies…it’s all in the attitude….life is short, flaunt what you love and learn to love what you don’t….

Happy Friday!!!

Geri xxx

You Have Always Been Beautiful..


As soon as you realise this, everything else just falls into place….when I got to forty nine I decided to be fit and fifty, not fat and fifty….alas, when I hit fifty needless to say, I was not fit..But, on reflection I was not totally unhappy with the image I saw in the mirror….with clothes on….

So, I took a little time enjoying the things about my physical appearance I did like….settling into my own skin, being thankful for what I have….and it’s much more than I had originally realised….Take a good long look at yourself today….not so bad was it?? For every little thing you don’t like about yourself there are at least ten people who don’t see that and are pretty envious of what you do have….All those perfect people you would love to be?  They are just like you, they have insecurities, they have ears they don’t like, they have toes they think are hobbit like…they have wobbly bits you don’t know about….

I have finally been doing some exercise every day….it’s not running a marathon, but I can touch the floor with my palms with straight legs again…I can pick something up from the floor without groaning….I can do 150 squats in one go….still can’t do that elusive press up though…it always was the impossible exercise for me….weak arms, stronger legs….b0689e2beab31de00a70983fe49f72c1

It really doesn’t matter if your planks are shaky, your legs wobble or the earth moves when you jump….it doesn’t matter if you don’t look different straight away, what matters is that you are doing that one little thing that makes you feel better inside….It’s working for me, I hide myself away in the bathroom and do mine….nobody even knows I am doing it…but it is bringing a little more strength every day…

It just takes those little changes, go on! You know you can do it!

Geri xx

Be Gentle With Yourself..


Don’t we all know this to be true….but how often do we take our own advice whilst dishing it out left, right and centre to everyone else…

If you have been neglecting your own happiness and keep forgetting to visit your very own happy place just do something little towards it today…it doesn’t have to be a giant step, just something very very tiny….

Need some ideas?…..just choose one of these…

Tonight go to bed earlier, say goodnight to everyone and sneak off, take a bath, take your favourite book to bed with you….relax….

Google local walks and grab a loved one and stride out and get some fresh air….get a few photos and share them with the world….especially if your timeline has been pretty negative lately…instead of ranting at your nearest and dearest show them flowers, show them that Spring is edging ever closer…

Find your favourite comedian on You Tube and spend an hour laughing, or invite your funniest friends around for tea and cake….

Buy yourself some flowers, you can get daffodils these days for just £1.00….

Sit and make a list of 10 things you would like to do just for you….be selfish….make plans to do them and then just do it…

Some of mine….a lavender bath…..a long walk….a film watched from beneath a duvet….painting my nails (I often neglect this one)…an hour with a crochet hook and some yarn….finding a new recipe….I have a new car to collect, I am very excited about this one, so car to clean and tidy and have fun with (picture below, that’s Mabel…don’t fret, Ethel is still staying…)….I like a good road trip with Christopher which usually ends up with me trying to keep my eyes open whilst he drives….family get togethers….girlie pampering with Georgia whilst she tries to get me to quote the latest memes….


Pick yours today and tell me what you did…..

Food shown here from The Highwaymans Haunt a little gem of a place in Devon, well recommended if you are in that area….

The crochet around the old coffee jar holding the blooms from The Little Box of Crochet

And Mabel is a Nissan Figaro….looking forward to driving her….

Happy Wednesday!!

Geri xxx

Liking Yourself is a Rebellious Act..


Let’s get straight to the point….society DOES profit from our self doubt….our hair must be right, our skin must be perfect, we have to have the latest fashions, the latest beauty treatments, the latest anything that will get anyway near making us look like the photo shopped images we know are not achievable, but we still go ahead and buy those products, the branded clothing and then more often than not feel disappointed with the end result…

Let us all be rebels and like ourselves just as we are.  Let us become an army of comfy clothes wearing, clean faced warriors, spending less money on things we don’t need and enjoying our lives nonetheless….

I have ditched the heels, even though I agree if you can walk in them they do look great, but what was the point of buying shoes I couldn’t walk in…

I have very little make up….again buying it and stashing it away for a rainy day was a little insane…

I have clothes I feel comfortable in….all the stuff that just looked good on the hanger and not on me? Gone, or on the rail to go….

What a liberating feeling! I am in that army! I have my feet up on the sofa in my fluffy slippers, I have a book, I have a cup of tea….some cake now and then….a cupboard full of beads and wool….fire burning when its cold, windows open when its warm….£1.00 bunch of daffodils on the windowsill….life is, in its simplicity…very very good….blissful in fact…


YES, this is YOUR life and yours alone, don’t wear the shoes because everyone else does and don’t feel you have to fit in…..be you!! There is not another you anywhere else on this planet!!

Make a list of all the things you love to do, all the things you love to wear….do more of that and wear more of that….enjoy!!

Happy Monday All!!

Geri xxx

Socially Constructed Ideas of Beauty..


This week I was taught a lesson in self image by a teenager…I really should know better!

I commented that it’s fine for larger ladies to wear leggings if they do it wisely….e.g. under a tunic or a dress….and bless her, tiny and perfectly formed as she is in my eyes,  Georgia said “Mum, if a very large person wants to wear leggings with a crop top, why can’t they do that? Why, if they are happy with how they look, shouldn’t they wear exactly what they want to wear?”  It pains me to admit that she is actually quite right.  All because I am not happy wearing leggings and a crop top, who am I to judge the rights of others to wear exactly the outfit they feel happy in….I find I have been pulled into those socially constructed ideas of beauty..


We find ourselves studying the pictures of others, pictures of perfection in magazines, even though we know they are all photo shopped to the maximum, we still believe this is the ideal beauty….

So, I shall take a leaf out of the book of my teen and ask that everyone tries to teach their children what really matters in this world….take all you see on Social Media with a massive pinch of salt and enjoy it for what it is….a dressed up photoshoot…


Girls, change your perspective, work on your self-esteem…you are not the length of your eyelashes, you are not the size of your chest, you are you….nobody else is you, nobody else has exactly what you have….be authentic, be kind and make the world a better place..

Have a happy Friday!!

Geri xxx

Remember to Play..


PLAY : engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

Short and sweet today as I have lots of work to do….this will be balanced out later on with some sort of research….or play….

We all need to play sometimes….Even as adults, in our hectic schedules, sometimes we forget to play…try not to make it all about the computer or about the TV… Play with your pets, play with your children, turn everything off and throw on your walking shoes and stride out…research new recipes or new crafts and have a go..

It will relax you, it will stimulate you, you might have forgotten how to play….bring it back into your life….now!

Do something to help your brain function….play chess, learn how to play chess…

Re-spark relationships with your loved ones by spending some time together.

Remember “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”  George Bernard Shaw.

Read up on the science of play – The National Institute of Play

Let me know what play you have indulged in today….keep it clean folks…:-)


Happy Monday!!!

Geri xxx

Every Day is a Special Occasion..


Every day IS a special occasion…..we are living and breathing and have so much to do and so much to learn….when we are down we have good times to look forward to, when we are up it’s fabulous….

So, don’t save your best dress for a “just in case” occasion, wear it ALL the time….wear your favourite shoes….wear the best of everything you have.  It makes you feel good about yourself so just do it.

You have best china put away for when people  visit…. get it out and dust it off and use it every day….enjoy it….

Drink out of your prettiest cups, make your favourite cake, don’t have “best” anything put away in the dark….fill your home with it, fill your world with it…

If you want fairy lights up all year don’t save them for Christmas….get them strung up and get them twinkling…

Go for it my lovelies, best bedding, best towels, best of all you have…

Why wait??


Happy Weekend!

Geri xxx