Fuerteventura…bliss…sun…sea…peace and quiet..


We have been away for a week! One whole blissful week of relaxation! Lots of five star book reading….good food, blue skies, warm breezes and no work….no cold warehouse….it really does make working hard very worthwhile…

We jetted off to Fuerteventura and using Air BnB discovered a beautiful little apartment with it’s own terrace overlooking absolutely miles of stunning nothingness…..if you keep on scrolling to the bottom you will find a link if it looks like a place you might like… it’s just outside of La Pared on the south west of the island.

We arrived, sat on this terrace and just took some time to breath….to do nothing….to listen to the silence….if you like hustle and bustle and bars this is not the place for you, but as anti social as we have become, it was perfect for us…

Five minutes down the road you can see across the picture above we found this…


There were two other people on this beach….it’s not a beach for swimming, the sea is pretty fierce but it was very beautiful….we don’t recommend taking your every day vehicle down this track, Christopher had to do some pretty impressive reversing to bring us back up when we got to rough track….

Costa Calma however is only about 10 minutes drive, the beach in March/April is quiet, the sea is great for a swim, the sand is reminiscent of our favourite Cornish beaches and it’s amazingly clean and litter free…


If you love simple fish dishes take yourself to Bahia La Pared just on the outskirts of La Pared, it’s an amazing view to gaze at whilst eating and the fish we had was good and very plentiful….


La Pared is the place to visit for a fantastic surfing beach…..always check conditions though, it’s not always safe…Chris managed his first surf in ages here and was massively pleased…. surfboard hired hassle free with a great atmosphere from Wave Guru.. friendly guys with spot on advice on when to go in….

If you prefer more people, more eateries and more action head down to Morro Jable which is as far as you can go with a normal vehicle….(jeep for us next time!) an absolutely stunning beach, busy but not too busy, sea front restaurants, again fabulous food….

Another beautiful beach is Playa de Sotovento on the south east coast just a little further on than Costa Calma…it’s 5km long with some good surf sections, windsurfing and kite boarding championships take place here every year….guess who has already booked windsurfing lessons so that he can have a go when we go back….


In the south of the island it’s pretty difficult to get lost if you have a hire car, it’s amazingly straightforward and dealing with this amount of traffic is no hardship….


Another lovely spot to try is Ajuy, further up the coast from La Pared….again great food and a walk along the coast amongst the caves…it’s a remote fishing village where you can normally enter the caves and take a look at the old lime kilns…on our visit we found police tape across the entrance to the steps leading down to this….no idea as to the background story, but we are old and sensible…decided not to limbo and take a chance….

Alas our last day arrived…..a visit to Gran Tarajal… apparently one of the largest towns on the island….still amazingly peaceful and quiet with a lovely harbour and a beautiful huge beach….great for swimming….not particularly touristy which makes it even more special….. with clear and extremely clear waters…

You will find details of El Cobijo, our accomodation here well recommended by us….Fabian and Jessy were lovely and made us feel very welcome, they live upstairs and are on hand if you need them….if you don’t need them they leave you to your own peace and quiet….they have three cats, Sunny the cute youngster with one eye…rescued by Jess from the streets and brought back to health was very entertaining…. she fell in love with Chris, then tried to kill his rash vest, tried to climb posts, left us lizards tails (if you hate lizards don’t worry there were very few), killed some flies for us and liked a cuddle….there are two dogs….Luna the little white Maltese, such a cutie and usually in residence and a family visiting fluffy dog which enjoyed having staring competitions with Chris….fluffy dog usually won….it woofed at him once and made him jump….you would think it was a Rottweiler….

Everything we needed was available at the accommodation…..the only thing personally for us to be sure of next time is insect repellent sun lotion….only in the last couple of days the insects decided to feast on me….it’s not attractive….

We certainly had a brilliant and relaxing time, exactly what we wanted….lots of reading…reviews coming soon ,there were some brilliant ones!  Just chilling and walking and surfing and reading and eating….what more could you need….

We loved it here so much that we are about to work really really hard for a few months and go back for another week in October…..

Massive thanks to Mumsie and Pops who stepped in and did cats, teenager and house sitting…..it takes a brave individual….Mumsie did say out loud that she would do it anytime….best give her a call about her October diary…..

And now it’s the weekend already…..will shortly be throwing on my pink overalls and helping Chris operate on Ethel….exhaust and some other metal bar I forget the name of….

Happy Days…

Geri xxx

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