Luxury Need Not Have a Price..


Definition of luxury…..”a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”.

The important part here is “great expense”…..this means different things to each and every one of us….  I watched five minutes of a programme about the shop Asprey and had to switch it off….spending over a million pounds on a ring which you will likely be afraid to wear out or thousands of pounds on a handbag is for me beyond great expense and frankly quite silly but I am aware that I most likely buy things that others look on in the same way….what you are willing to pay for an item is personal….some do it to impress others…..this is not luxury…..Some do it because it’s something that will make them feel good, it’s something they have always dreamed of having….that is luxury….

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” Coco Chanel..

Some more mindful luxuries….

Get real whipped cream and proper good chocolate to grate on your hot chocolate….enjoy it….

It’s all about transforming simple pleasures into complete bliss….

Buy a really good perfume, not lots of cheap ones…it will last ages and you will feel good whenever you use it…

Treat yourself to cotton pyjamas, nothing synthetic, spray on that perfume and drink the hot chocolate….

Buy some beautiful buttons and spend a day taking off the cheap plastic buttons on your favourite clothing and replace them….

Go get a massage or a facial and have a gossip at the beauty shop…

Do you have an outfit or jewellery or shoes saved for a special occasion….don’t do that….wear them now, whenever you want to wear them, every day alive is a special occasion….enjoy it to the full….

Buy the one expensive painting you love and get rid of all the ones you don’t love….gaze at it and get enjoyment from it daily….

Make cake!! Relish licking out the bowl…..Eat cake!!!

Go to the beach and just sit there and do nothing….

Find your luxury today and enjoy…..


Geri 🙂 xxx

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