Whatever Soothes Your Soul..


I know I go on and on about it, but it is so important to strive not to be perfect, but to love yourself just as you are, right now, right at this very minute…

I try to exercise and eat properly because my thighs are too flabby and my tummy never really recovered after pregnancy and an emergency C section….but to be fair, I ¬†used to try and exercise and eat properly before this, because I was unhappy with my flabby tummy and thighs.. looking back at pictures I realise that they were pretty damn good back then, I just didn’t appreciate it….

Let us not worry about the bodies of others we wish we could have…some things are just not meant to be….Love what you have, don’t listen to haters and bullies and if you want to improve it, just get on and do it….(remember if you are 5 feet tall you will never be 6 feet tall, so go for the achievable…)

But do remember that soul of yours does need soothing, sometimes you should stay in those pyjamas and sometimes you should eat the cake….spend a whole day watching TV with the curtains closed…it’s called balance though guys, don’t do this each and every day…

I find I feel better when I do stuff…..not when I am starving myself on a lettuce diet and not when I am exercising 2 hours a day…. I feel better when I make a list of things to do and I start crossing those things off and at the end of the day I have been so busy that I haven’t eaten as many calories and I have burned more energy and I haven’t even realised it….

Yes, I am larger than I was in my twenties but I am much healthier…..the damn peri -menopause has stolen my waistline….but I have no awful illnesses and I am still here….I appreciate each and every minute whilst thinking about the beautiful friends I have had along the way who are no longer with us….they should have been given the chance of a growing waistline and ever increasing chin hairs, a weak bladder and failing eyesight….so yes, I take all of this and celebrate every one of my so called failings….

So, my lovelies….think about your very own soul today and do some soothing….you deserve it!


Geri xxx

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