I’d Rather Be Dancing Barefoot in the Grass..


I have tried almost every fad diet available…..all of them, cabbage soup, eggs, slimming potions instead of meals…..when it come down to it the best diet for me is plain old common sense.  Keep the sugar low, keep the fat low….but stop obsessing about food…  When I am dieting I turn into a mad eating freak….I constantly dream about chocolate, about cake and end up starting the diet “tomorrow” and eating all of today…

Now I keep my diet ROUGHLY based around the Slimming World plan as it covers all the nutrients you should be getting to stay healthy….Click on the picture above to read the Daily Mail article on Iris Higgins, a former Jenny Craig consultant who publicly apologised for wronging her clients with unhealthy advice…. It’s not about how heavy or big you are, it’s about how healthy you are….eat fast food, but rarely….eat cake….I make or buy cake once a week and slowly it’s becoming rare for me to want to eat the whole thing at once…. Cut down on processed foods and eat loads of natural foods, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts….add flavour, cook in coconut oil and use spices…..bland food will not keep you coming back for more….use mustard, olive oil, honey, lemon and garlic to coat your chicken or as a salad dressing….make it exciting….learn new recipes….

Soon fried chicken and burgers will become a distant memory….

Drink loads of water!!!  My HydrateM8 water bottle has helped me with this!

Too much to change at once?  Start by upping your water intake and then when that becomes a habit add the next change….

Listen to your body….it’s not always asking for biscuits and crisps….(ooooh I did love crisps AND I still do, just not as often…..or I make my own with vegetable peelings baked in coconut oil…yum!)….

Parsnip peeling crisps, my favourite!!

So, if you are on a diet and you love it and it suits you don’t change a thing….but if you are trying to stay on a diet but finding it hard….just give it a break and make a few little common sense changes and be gentle on yourself…. fling off your flip flops and go dance in the grass!!!


Geri xxx

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