Do More Things That Make You Forget to Look at Your Phone..


I have been quite guilty lately of constantly checking my social media account, that fear of missing out rearing its ugly head again…..

Just realising this has made me think again about my routines… last I am back to logging into Facebook and Twitter just once a day and continuing to keep my pictures on Instagram….

This way I can find the time again to do the things I love to do….and to find the time to do new things too..

This includes re-educating myself to eat properly.

It includes spending more time learning how to crochet.

It includes my journey into yoga.

Some useful links for you:

The Little Box of Crochet

New Yoga Leggings at Mad Monkey!

So, short and sweet as the sky is blue and I have a huge list of things to achieve today….including a parents evening at school and some more glass cutting and soldering practice!!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping in touch but do remember to pencil in far more offline time than you have right now….I am not ready for going cold turkey yet but I am taking back control…

Have a fab day!!

Geri xxx

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