You May Update Your Facebook Status..


My Facebook addiction has been on my mind…..yesterday it was kind of taken out of my hands and a decision was made….

As I don’t use my proper surname on my Facebook account, someone had reported this and I was asked by Facebook for my ID to prove my name….

A decision was made….I shall live my life Facebook free! Yay!!  I can still talk to my family on Facebook Messenger, yes, you can use this app without an actual Facebook account.

The whole idea originally was to keep in touch with people I hadn’t seen in ages, to see friends and families photos and happy times….Alas, it became gloomy, I would merely click on “like” and leave it there, never talking to people, never really keeping in touch.  I would see awful pictures of awful things, brought into my house without me really wanting it there….I would see people competing with each other, arguing with each other, would become annoyed with things that wouldn’t normally annoy me….it really all became just a little too much….

The delete button has been pressed….there will be 14 days and my Facebook days are over.

Fret not….I still have Instagram….that is the one I am keeping and if you want to find me there I am pinkcobwebs1 – it’s a happier place on the whole, a world of pictures which tend to be quicker to digest, not a mass of rants….I don’t have to look at trending news and the community are lovely….So, if I am really pleased with my food I am still going to take a picture of it….:-)


Well, now you know…..I shall keep you updated with my progress…..

I can’t put it any better than this….


Geri xxx

Just Go to the Craft Room and Play..


So, I am in a crafty phase… know the type where your head fills with ideas but you just don’t have time enough to do them all and you find yourself tinkering with several projects at once, knowing that concentrating on one would be far more productive..

Still massively enjoying the Little Boxes of Crochet I have collected.  Now on the Blue Scarf and practising stitches with left over wool from the box before that.

I decided it was time to clear out my stash of beads and bits and came across a great way of using left over wool and beads all at the same time!!

There will be more of these….I love them!!

And I learnt to solder a broken piece of china into a pendant…


I must not lie….Maggie did the loop….more practice or a different way of doing it? Not sure yet….research to be done…. I might work this one into a crochet bead necklace later….

Helpful links for you:

Little Box of Crochet – shipping is worldwide!

Tintagel Stained Glass – if you are local to Tintagel and fancy a new hobby give Maggie a call….


Happy Crafting!!

Geri xxx

I Just Needed Less Stuff..

for the longest time, I thought I needed to be more organized; now I know I just needed less stuff #minimalism:

We have spent the majority of our bank holiday weekend sorting through boxes….boxes and boxes of stuff which has been in those boxes for approximately 6 years….firstly in our sheds….then when the sheds had to come down, they sat in our lounge….stuffed in there, right up to the door.  Then, when we got some room in our warehouse they were heaved out of the lounge, into the van and taken to the warehouse, where they were removed from the van and heaved onto shelves in the warehouse.

The time was right and it had to be sorted.  We ploughed our way through boxes of things which were far too damp to keep, we had a little weep over old photos and memories….twice…. We swept out the mouse dropping….yes, I know!!  One dead mouse in box number one…. clothes had been nibbled…. batteries had leaked….

The end of the day, about twenty cups of tea later….the last box…yay….  Full of droppings and seeds, it was pretty revolting so decided most likely all to be thrown in the rubbish bin…oh, no looks like another dead mouse….until he scuttled across the box and scared the life out of me….I squealed…tried to run away in a pretty small space….skidded across the floor on a tray and landed in a heap between two cars….Christopher yelling “I’m on the way!!”  I’m pointing at the box yelling “it’s alive!!”  He’s yelling….”is it still in there!” I’m yelling “I don’t know I’m lying on the floor!”  Poor mouse…..the box was taken outside and off he ran…..cup of tea number 21…..

Rat by Dennis Jones:

By Dennis Jones (click on the picture for more info).

Anyway, all sorted….most of it to the dump, a little part of it kept….I found Pink Cobwebs labels to sew onto my crochet creations….I don’t even remember why I bought those in the first place….

The end hour of the day was devoted to some more crochet practice….I am kind of hooked now…. in fact, being a busy working day I have subscribed to Simply Crochet to keep me going….yay….I have all of these empty spaces now to fill with the things I really want….


I have big plans to edge this with lace and beads….

And so the day must begin with a call to the dentist….alas, a loose filling in my front tooth and I have a tiny dentist phobia….gulp….


Happy Days..

Geri xxx