Just Go to the Craft Room and Play..


So, I am in a crafty phase…..you know the type where your head fills with ideas but you just don’t have time enough to do them all and you find yourself tinkering with several projects at once, knowing that concentrating on one would be far more productive..

Still massively enjoying the Little Boxes of Crochet I have collected.  Now on the Blue Scarf and practising stitches with left over wool from the box before that.

I decided it was time to clear out my stash of beads and bits and came across a great way of using left over wool and beads all at the same time!!

There will be more of these….I love them!!

And I learnt to solder a broken piece of china into a pendant…


I must not lie….Maggie did the loop….more practice or a different way of doing it? Not sure yet….research to be done…. I might work this one into a crochet bead necklace later….

Helpful links for you:

Little Box of Crochet – shipping is worldwide!

Tintagel Stained Glass – if you are local to Tintagel and fancy a new hobby give Maggie a call….


Happy Crafting!!

Geri xxx

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