You May Update Your Facebook Status..


My Facebook addiction has been on my mind…..yesterday it was kind of taken out of my hands and a decision was made….

As I don’t use my proper surname on my Facebook account, someone had reported this and I was asked by Facebook for my ID to prove my name….

A decision was made….I shall live my life Facebook free! Yay!!  I can still talk to my family on Facebook Messenger, yes, you can use this app without an actual Facebook account.

The whole idea originally was to keep in touch with people I hadn’t seen in ages, to see friends and families photos and happy times….Alas, it became gloomy, I would merely click on “like” and leave it there, never talking to people, never really keeping in touch.  I would see awful pictures of awful things, brought into my house without me really wanting it there….I would see people competing with each other, arguing with each other, would become annoyed with things that wouldn’t normally annoy me….it really all became just a little too much….

The delete button has been pressed….there will be 14 days and my Facebook days are over.

Fret not….I still have Instagram….that is the one I am keeping and if you want to find me there I am pinkcobwebs1 – it’s a happier place on the whole, a world of pictures which tend to be quicker to digest, not a mass of rants….I don’t have to look at trending news and the community are lovely….So, if I am really pleased with my food I am still going to take a picture of it….:-)


Well, now you know…..I shall keep you updated with my progress…..

I can’t put it any better than this….


Geri xxx

2 thoughts on “You May Update Your Facebook Status..

  1. I don’t have a Facebook page for Lavender & Eve because I want to keep it separate from my personal page. I see that my friend has left Twitter also. Well I’ll see you on Instagram. You are correct about Facebook. I don’t even use my personal page and I’m thinking of shutting it down.


    • I must admit I have managed to get so much more done since making my decision to stay with Instagram….it seems to be a much happier community….you don’t realise quite how negative you become whilst reading negative things…..I am happy in my little bubble, checking out crochet patterns and sunsets….and this will still be here as central hub too! :o) xx


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