Keep Singing Your Own Song…


So, Facebook now really is a thing of the past for me…yay!!!

But, where has my Instagram journey taken me?  It’s an interesting one….

I kind of swing between, the foodies, the fitness experts, the fashionistas, the interior designers, the parents, the travellers….the list goes on…. At first it was confusing, almost like I was trying to “find” my slot…..somewhere to fit in….at the age of 50 you would think I would have found my place by now….my style….

Now it’s clear….we are all exactly who we are….we are all little bits of each of the above…. we shouldn’t try to fit in…. we should just be ourselves….I think I might be a little weird but I don’t think I ever wanted to be normal anyway…..that would be boring right?

So for now I shall continue to hunt for healthy ideas whilst trying to resist sugar and fats….I should really take more care about what is in my wardrobe….I used to enjoy that….I am on a mission….still….to downsize, declutter and make the house tidier all at the same time….parenting is hit or miss….I think I did pretty well…my daughter is actually lovely, don’t anyone tell her I admitted to that…..Mind you, this morning she made me braid her hair and then had taken them out again even before she went through the front gate…. I’m obviously not much of a hairdresser…..oh and yoga….I must do yoga….I actually love it and MUST fit it into my day…….digging out the yoga mat now….the one I bought because the bag was pretty!

So, don’t go to Instagram trying to find your place to fit in….go to Instagram hunting for things to fit in with you….keep up the inspiration ladies…these are just a few of many….those boots!!!!





Geri xxx

Make Your Soul Happy!


A quick update on my Facebook relationship break up…..that is me and Facebook….breaking up….after several years together.  They were not happy times and in fact became rather obsessive and turned me into a judgemental nightmare.  I couldn’t quite believe some of my thoughts and all the time it took stalking pictures and making up scenes in my head about people I thought I knew….You really don’t know someone until you live with them and with Facebook on your phone in your hand almost 24/7 you might as well live with hundreds of people.

It amazes me that since the deletion of my Facebook account I have not missed it…my world has continued to turn and in fact I have managed to get loads done.

Loving Instagram because of it’s simplicity…’s apparently lighter attitude and less negative aura….I am sure if you delve you might find some unsavoury parts, but I am not delving.

I don’t know what’s headlining in the news, I don’t know what each and every person is doing…..all I can selfishly focus on is exactly what I am doing…’s kind of nice….

I am learning to crochet with tshirt yarn, I am trying to make dreamcatchers, I am constantly seeing a new Instagram picture that makes me want to try that…..

Go on! I dare you…..delete that Facebook account and see what happens!!


Geri xxx