Rainbow Rugs..


For all of you who loved Mollie’s favourite sleeping rug….I hope to have some for sale soon…..

Until then I have found them in a lovely Etsy Shop….


So if you can’t quite wait for me to get my act together just click on the picture above and go check them out!

Geri xx

Amber Studios Wearable Art..

I don’t spend a huge amount of money on clothes….but for those of you who do like to invest,(and I do appreciate that some clothing are great investment pieces, or if you just have to have it and you can afford it….why not?), you have to go and check out Amber Studios on Etsy…..I spent the last 30 minutes in awe of the beautiful pieces for sale there!


I dare you not to be impressed!

Amber Studios

Geri xxx

Lily and Mason Unicorn Blanket Pattern..

As you are all mad for the Unicorn Scarf Pattern I had found for you, here is an equally as fabulous Unicorn Blanket Pattern from Lily and Mason on Etsy.


Absolutely gorgeous!!

Click on the photo or here.

Check out the shop there are some marvellous patterns for you to purchase at very good prices….remember to send me your completed pictures!

Geri :o) x

Luz Patterns..Crochet Bags..

Take yourself off to Luz Patterns on Etsy…..we all love a good crochet bag but how expensive are they??? If you are already good with the hook just get a good pattern and make one yourself, if you aren’t good with the hook…why not?  Go to a class, study You Tube videos, it’s not as difficult as you think….

Feast your eyes on my favourites below and then just click on the link at the bottom and decide on your favourite patterns, so much more than just the fabulous bags….if you make any I would love to see your end result!

Click here for Luz Patterns!

Have a bright and happy day!

Geri xx

Start Calling it your Plan…


I’m not good at this….I have had lots of dreams always dashed by my “I can’t do that” attitude, or there really isn’t a point because everyone else does it better….For this reason I have dabbled, I am good at some things and frustratingly not good at others…I can never decide which “dream” to go with…. it sometimes feels like a waiting game….trying out lots of new things waiting for “the one”.

Christopher on the other hand is brilliant at it…. he dreams he wants to do something, then he plans it, then he does it….actually makes it look very simple.  It’s almost like he ticks it off a list in his head until another dream comes along, then he brilliantly sells all the things he needed for the last project before starting on the next one….genius….

So, a bit of a brainstorming exercise to come….decide on a project, plan it, and do it…..

A weekend away now with the girlies, maybe some planning there….

Can I change my scatter brained way of thinking, or is that just the way I am?….we shall see!


Geri xx

Learn to Love Your “Behind the Scenes”..


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being excited about showing off your highlight reels….we work very hard on them, we all have the right to display them when they are ready….

There is something wrong with the insecurities which grow when you admire the highlight reels of others…..  Why do we do that?  Why do we think our comparisons have no behind the scenes, that their lives are just like that….no trying….

Everyone….without exception….has rehearsals and dress rehearsals and messy behind the scenes areas….then, when the camera clicks….the highlight reel is the result….

Let us all enjoy it for what it is, congratulate, take inspiration, take ideas and move back to our backstage position and enjoy our own journeys….



From Women, Wine and Words

Geri :o) x

Don’t Fail By Default….


I haven’t rambled on here for ages!  How time flies….

Anybody who throws things out onto social media for others to see, appearing to be self confident and all knowing usually deep down, just wants to do well….to help other people, to be recognised….and that’s no bad thing.

The internet is inundated with blogs, with postings, with pictures of perfect lives, of beautiful things most of us can covet but not actually afford….with ways of budgeting, of making things out of nothing.

 I haven’t rambled for a while because I didn’t think anybody really would miss it if it were gone, if I didn’t ramble…..if you think I am going to say Guess What, I was missed….actually no I wasn’t…..so if I ramble on here it’s because I like to ramble, I like to say when I love something, when I made something I didn’t think I could, when I read a really good book, when I manage to cook something somebody likes, when I am happy…..there will be no rants….we all have enough of those without magnifying them by publicly spouting them….

So, if you have a little something you do online, if you have a mahooooosive something you do online (which obviously brings out the haters you need to massively ignore) do it for you! Do it because you love to do it, whether it makes you millions or it just makes you happy.

I might ramble a little more soon…..



Bohemia Home Vintage…

Today I am sending you off to Bohemia Home Vintage….

Fiona is an object hunter and I have to say she has a great eye for the things I particularly like…. as we go through the process of ending our house renovation and starting to decorate it and dress it to our taste (well my taste…. I let Chris decorate as he likes in his garage….which, I hasten to add is nearly as big as the house….) I am finding an affinity with old items….they feel better, they have history….a story…..and some of them not massively expensive.

Don’t get me wrong….I can often be found scouring the local supermarket home ware aisle for some fab bits to bring home….

I have to admit to some online shopping e.g Wayfair…who incidentally rejected me from their affiliate scheme because I didn’t “compliment the brand”…I think this translates as “don’t have enough followers”… I also don’t compliment the Boots brand either….the pennies I have spent with them! I digress….

It’s a great shop and I will be eventually shopping there if you guys leave enough of it there for me….

Bohemia Home Vintage

Happy Rainy Wednesday!!

Geri x