Bohemia Home Vintage…

Today I am sending you off to Bohemia Home Vintage….

Fiona is an object hunter and I have to say she has a great eye for the things I particularly like…. as we go through the process of ending our house renovation and starting to decorate it and dress it to our taste (well my taste…. I let Chris decorate as he likes in his garage….which, I hasten to add is nearly as big as the house….) I am finding an affinity with old items….they feel better, they have history….a story…..and some of them not massively expensive.

Don’t get me wrong….I can often be found scouring the local supermarket home ware aisle for some fab bits to bring home….

I have to admit to some online shopping e.g Wayfair…who incidentally rejected me from their affiliate scheme because I didn’t “compliment the brand”…I think this translates as “don’t have enough followers”… I also don’t compliment the Boots brand either….the pennies I have spent with them! I digress….

It’s a great shop and I will be eventually shopping there if you guys leave enough of it there for me….

Bohemia Home Vintage

Happy Rainy Wednesday!!

Geri x

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