Don’t Fail By Default….


I haven’t rambled on here for ages!  How time flies….

Anybody who throws things out onto social media for others to see, appearing to be self confident and all knowing usually deep down, just wants to do well….to help other people, to be recognised….and that’s no bad thing.

The internet is inundated with blogs, with postings, with pictures of perfect lives, of beautiful things most of us can covet but not actually afford….with ways of budgeting, of making things out of nothing.

 I haven’t rambled for a while because I didn’t think anybody really would miss it if it were gone, if I didn’t ramble…..if you think I am going to say Guess What, I was missed….actually no I wasn’t… if I ramble on here it’s because I like to ramble, I like to say when I love something, when I made something I didn’t think I could, when I read a really good book, when I manage to cook something somebody likes, when I am happy…..there will be no rants….we all have enough of those without magnifying them by publicly spouting them….

So, if you have a little something you do online, if you have a mahooooosive something you do online (which obviously brings out the haters you need to massively ignore) do it for you! Do it because you love to do it, whether it makes you millions or it just makes you happy.

I might ramble a little more soon…..



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