Start Calling it your Plan…


I’m not good at this….I have had lots of dreams always dashed by my “I can’t do that” attitude, or there really isn’t a point because everyone else does it better….For this reason I have dabbled, I am good at some things and frustratingly not good at others…I can never decide which “dream” to go with…. it sometimes feels like a waiting game….trying out lots of new things waiting for “the one”.

Christopher on the other hand is brilliant at it…. he dreams he wants to do something, then he plans it, then he does it….actually makes it look very simple. Β It’s almost like he ticks it off a list in his head until another dream comes along, then he brilliantly sells all the things he needed for the last project before starting on the next one….genius….

So, a bit of a brainstorming exercise to come….decide on a project, plan it, and do it…..

A weekend away now with the girlies, maybe some planning there….

Can I change my scatter brained way of thinking, or is that just the way I am?….we shall see!


Geri xx

3 thoughts on “Start Calling it your Plan…

  1. You are not alone! I find that I set myself on a course of creative action and then one or several members of my family has an ‘event’ – and ‘events’ can come in all shapes and forms, this means my dreams and projects are left for a while and sometimes the creative flow has been interrupted too much for me to continue or another more exciting idea demands attention. I like the last quote – I’ll Pin it if that’s ok with you.


  2. So totally glad it’s not just me….on the outside looking in, everybody else seems to be sticking to a plan….I think maybe I am slipping into the trap of just seeing everyones highlight reel and forgetting about the behind the scenes….I must stop doing this πŸ™‚ xx

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