You Are What You Do……


I haven’t rambled on in ages… here goes….

I am an Instagram addict…..I admit….I love to see what everyone else is up to….I might possibly be a little nosy…. But I have to constantly tell myself to use these little pictures of inspiration as just that…..not to sit there for hours finding things to try and things to learn without actually doing it.

I am overweight, because I do a lot of talking about healthy eating and then put bad things in my shopping basket….too often.  So yes, I am exactly what I do….and so are you….

If something about your world is bugging you, if you are unhappy doing something, it’s time to start doing what you say you are going to do….don’t put it off making excuses, because there will always be “something”.

So, this is a little telling off to myself…..stop eating bad things, actually try doing it right, no don’t try, just do it right…..

Get all of those things to fill my shop shelves out of the boxes and fill those shop shelves…..

Stop doing excessive research on how to get things done and just get things done….

Ramble for today ends….

House to sort out and surplus things to sell, here are a couple of new bits in the Ebay shop.

Take action my lovelies.

Geri :o) xx

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