Yulia Art Dots….Painted Pebbles




Painted Mandala on natural Pebbles -The Eco nature way for art

My painted rocks and pebbles are full of happiness and joy, they love to travel around the world and spread colours to every home they arrives.

This painted mandala is made on natural pebble stone with colourful design with acrylic. After I paint the pebbles I apply varnish cover.

this pebble stone decor is made with a lot of love to nature. It has mandala design on it with the colours of pink, Turquoise, yellow, pink and orange.

inch 3.0× 2.0 inch
height 1.0 inch

I love to make my art with the combination of very natural material that I collect and to hand paint on them with a lot of colors (like my love birds that you can see at my shop). My style is very colorfull. I get my inspiration from my love to nature and the colors that lives inside of me.

The pebble stones has a very relaxing and inspiring impact. I love to hold them in my hand and I invite you to try too. only by looking at them you will fill more calm and relaxed.

The Mandala design is great for bring good energy to the place it is stay from your working desk, to coffee table or even at the garden.

I can write name or a few words of greeting at the back side of the stone if you ask with no extra charge.

please note that the actual colours may look different on the screen.

Picture and description above directly from Yulia’s shop.  You know what to do….click on the picture and you will be transported there as if by magic…..
I love these stones…..go now, browse….
Geri :o)

Biker Jackets and Pink Faux Fur

Click on the picture and find yourself in my Ebay shop…..lots of bargains because, oh yes, I am space clearing again….

The jacket is faux leather and faux fur so no animals there….beautiful quality…alas not in my size….the price won’t drop any further than this.

s-l500 (1)

There will be much more over the weekend….I need space for my Christmas tree!!

Geri x

Mandala Embroidery Kit…

Just browsing around Etsy, looking for some mandala dotting tools…..which I have found, when I came across this…..

For Graphics

It is pretty stunning isn’t it…..

From reading it I think you paint it and sew on seed beads…..it’s from a shop in Ukraine…shipping to UK pretty reasonable…..if one of you doesn’t get it first I am going back after Christmas to treat myself!!

Click on the picture and it should take you directly to it….

Geri x

The Morning Pages…

I have now started to read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron….on receiving it I had realised that I have previously owned this book, but at the time it ended up on my book shelf collecting dust….oh what a waste, but I was younger then, no wisdom whatsoever….

The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

I have slightly adapted the writing of the morning pages to disciplining myself to ramble here each morning, maybe one page in a paper journal, you know, the stuff you don’t want anyone else to read….

So, I am now 51, if you are in your twenties, thirties or forties….don’t panic about the fifties….it’s actually OK….I kind of like it….the peer pressure is non existent, that might just mean I have become more selfish….Christopher has decided we are just socially inadequate…the more time we spend at home and doing our own thing, the harder it becomes to socialise….is it a skill you should try and keep or should you just let it go and do your own thing, after all it’s your life and it is pretty short….maybe a mixture of the two…..

Anyway, no big party for me….a Sunday lunch with family….that includes you Dawn….honorary member of our family, we have to do this more than once a year!  I got massive balloons, my sister made her incredible Maltesers cake….I got a Healthy Eating magazine subscription, paints, Healthy Eating cookbook, a watering can planter with chutneys, a mandala colouring book, some pencils and some candles….some scratch cards, I won £3.00, and Christopher took us all out for Sunday lunch.  A lovely day.

I decided it was time to stop talking about doing regular yoga and actually start doing it….so, for two days in the morning I have been doing just the Sun Salutations…it might not look like much but it’s a brilliant tummy workout, and my tummy does need some work….I can feel it….it’s working!

Now for the masses of work to do, almost all Christmas presents ordered and starting to arrive, I plan to create my own wrapping paper with brown paper and rubber stamps.  I don’t do cards….I am Grinch like in that respect.  Only three presents left to order.  Last year we didn’t even do a Christmas tree, I don’t know why, I love seeing everyone elses and I love Christmas, but for me it is more about spending time with family.  I have decided to dust off the tree and get it out this week…we must make an effort….

I will be selling some painted stones on Etsy along with any left over jewellery….I seem to have lost my tab up the top so here is a link for you…. Pink Cowebs on Etsy.

Happy Days!!

Geri xx

Just Keep Going…..


My lovelies, you have had a huge break from my normally incessant ramblings….. As usual I have been busy, still going through the never ending boxes of things we no longer use or need and passing them on, selling them on, donating them…..

I am also on my never ending journey of self discovery….of trying to find something I might be good at, something that will keep my attention for more than five minutes…

On Sunday I will be 51…..(not yet old though, I still got excited to see snow falling on my page when I opened it earlier).  Anyway, I treated myself to The Artists Way by Julia Cameron….on receiving it today I realised that I have actually had this book before….but it seems the time was not right because I don’t recall reading it or taking any advice from it…..now I am happy to say I am a completely different person and in a different place so maybe now the time is right….

I had been inspired by reading Elspeth McLean’s story on her new website….I will never be able to create anything near to as neat as her work, but I feel it’s all in the enjoyment and I am sure she would agree.  I have the book all ready to open and absorb tomorrow…..for now it’s chilli and a film…..Christopher has been away for two nights so it’s relaxing times tonight….

I’m not entirely sure where this need to have a go at painting things has come from, but I’m totally going with it….absolutely never too old to try new things….

As usual I am excited to share some links with you, none of them affiliate based so sharing them just because you might like them…..

The quote up there, right up at the top, comes from the website of Alice Sheridan….part of my learning process will be checking out the work of others, getting an idea of what appeals to me, what I might like to do….I can’t draw in the traditional sense, you know, people, animals or anything you might like to recognise, but I do like mixtures of colour and mixed media….. you will find Alice’s website here – Alice Sheridan

My joy of looking at colours used by Elspeth McLean came from Instagram…..her work is beautifully precise…..I feel my style will be a whole lot messier….there is nothing wrong with having your own style….aspiring to be like someone is good, but don’t despair if you just can’t do it….it means you are destined to do something different….you will find Elspeth’s new website here – Elspeth McLean.

Now, I can’t comment on The Artist’s Way just yet because I only just got it….but you will find more about Julia Cameron here – Julia Cameron Live.

I will be keeping you up to date with my trials and tribulations as I claw my way towards my inner artist….

Watch this space….and please be forward in giving any advice….

Geri xxx