Just Keep Going…..


My lovelies, you have had a huge break from my normally incessant ramblings….. As usual I have been busy, still going through the never ending boxes of things we no longer use or need and passing them on, selling them on, donating them…..

I am also on my never ending journey of self discovery….of trying to find something I might be good at, something that will keep my attention for more than five minutes…

On Sunday I will be 51…..(not yet old though, I still got excited to see snow falling on my page when I opened it earlier).  Anyway, I treated myself to The Artists Way by Julia Cameron….on receiving it today I realised that I have actually had this book before….but it seems the time was not right because I don’t recall reading it or taking any advice from it…..now I am happy to say I am a completely different person and in a different place so maybe now the time is right….

I had been inspired by reading Elspeth McLean’s story on her new website….I will never be able to create anything near to as neat as her work, but I feel it’s all in the enjoyment and I am sure she would agree.  I have the book all ready to open and absorb tomorrow…..for now it’s chilli and a film…..Christopher has been away for two nights so it’s relaxing times tonight….

I’m not entirely sure where this need to have a go at painting things has come from, but I’m totally going with it….absolutely never too old to try new things….

As usual I am excited to share some links with you, none of them affiliate based so sharing them just because you might like them…..

The quote up there, right up at the top, comes from the website of Alice Sheridan….part of my learning process will be checking out the work of others, getting an idea of what appeals to me, what I might like to do….I can’t draw in the traditional sense, you know, people, animals or anything you might like to recognise, but I do like mixtures of colour and mixed media….. you will find Alice’s website here – Alice Sheridan

My joy of looking at colours used by Elspeth McLean came from Instagram…..her work is beautifully precise…..I feel my style will be a whole lot messier….there is nothing wrong with having your own style….aspiring to be like someone is good, but don’t despair if you just can’t do it….it means you are destined to do something different….you will find Elspeth’s new website here – Elspeth McLean.

Now, I can’t comment on The Artist’s Way just yet because I only just got it….but you will find more about Julia Cameron here – Julia Cameron Live.

I will be keeping you up to date with my trials and tribulations as I claw my way towards my inner artist….

Watch this space….and please be forward in giving any advice….

Geri xxx

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