Mandala Embroidery Kit…

Just browsing around Etsy, looking for some mandala dotting tools…..which I have found, when I came across this…..

For Graphics

It is pretty stunning isn’t it…..

From reading it I think you paint it and sew on seed beads…’s from a shop in Ukraine…shipping to UK pretty reasonable…..if one of you doesn’t get it first I am going back after Christmas to treat myself!!

Click on the picture and it should take you directly to it….

Geri x

2 thoughts on “Mandala Embroidery Kit…

  1. I’ve learnt something! I have just spent a happy time looking on You Tube at various mandala dotting tools. Going to go out and get some Nail Art tools and give it a go. Thank you for the inspiration Geri.


  2. I have some nail art tools and have just ordered some wooden dotting tools from Etsy, which make bigger circles…..I love all the bright colours so looking forward to doing some more. At the moment I am painting the lids of my daughters empty Glossy Box boxes and going to put them on the wall as 3D pictures….it’s so relaxing to do some each evening….it beats watching the TV….:-) x

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