CARO Created Valentines Crochet…..

I am hugely enjoying finding crochet patterns for you at the moment…..with Valentine’s day on the way how about this one?


You will find this one from CARO created on Etsy.

This mandala is worked in overlay crochet technique. This technique is deeply rooted in cable and Aran crochet. Overlay crochet created a symmetric textured design.

Measurements: Approx. 26 cm(10 inches) round…finished…

The pattern features detailed instructions – 19 pages. Each round of the mandala will be explained through a written instruction and one or more pictures.

I am eight squares away from finishing poncho and ready to shape the neckline and give it some tassels.  Having a great time learning how to make things.


One more item in the Ebay shop…..a very cool dreamcatcher top which I bought and it doesn’t fit me…..more to come tomorrow!


Back to the hooking……

Geri xxx

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