Hearts and Flowers…

As Valentine’s day quickly approaches it had to be hearts and flowers today.  Don’t get me wrong, I am an old cynic and we don’t get each other cards….but it’s a good enough excuse to treat yourself….do we need an excuse to do that?  Anyway some of my favourite finds….just click on the picture to find your way to the source…

A groovy heart pattern for you, crochet of course….


I do love the bright colours in these….what great bunting this would create!

Now who needs an excuse to buy boots….not me….now I know these don’t have hearts or flowers on them, but they are red! Surely that counts….


Oh my days I am loving these, I struggle with heels but I think I could manage this!  You will find these at Joe Browns now, or if you are like me you might hope they end up in the sale….doesn’t always work quite like that though….

If you really need a treat splash out and buy yourself chocolates and roses….


You can’t go wrong with Marks and Spencers however, me, I’m just as happy with cheap flowers from the supermarket, it’s really what you do with them that counts.

So if I’m having cheap flowers I should treat myself for something for the house…..I found what I want….


Oh yay!! An Emma Bridgewater radio….dare I admit, I have no Emma Bridgewater items and I absolutely always love her things when I find them….

Update on lilac poncho, I have a neck hole and only five more squares to do….


 This pattern has worked out perfectly for me as my crochet style has turned out to be messy and make it up as you go along….I don’t think all the practice in the world is going to make me a tidy crocheter….but I will continue to try!  I do believe you should have your own style though, don’t try to copy someone else, do your own thing….

This one is for Christopher…..treat this as your card me love….


Happy Friday!!!!

Geri xx

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