A Crocheted Simplicity Crochet Bag….


Today this is my favourite crochet pattern!

I’m still waiting for the extra ball of wool to continue with my holiday poncho….fingers crossed it will arrive today.  This bag is certainly going on my shopping list….

Today we have massive winds here on the North Cornwall coast….first thing I battled my way out with the bins…cursing Christopher for being away on bin day….sat smugly eating my cereal, then a little light bulb pinged in my head….bin day is tomorrow….I got my coat and boots on again and struggled my way back to the front gate to bring the bags in again….sat to eat my cereal, glanced out the window to see a chair sliding its way across the decking towards me…..then a blur of black across the garden like a frisbee….there goes the bin lid which incidentally had a large rock sitting on it to keep it on….Out again, bin lid nowhere to be seen….


Now I’m a little windswept, I’m surprised I managed to keep my glasses!

For Valentine’s day I have treated myself to a new book, you have to keep yourself pampered…..


Simply Stitched with Appliqué: Embroidery Motifs and Projects with Linen, Cotton and Felt (Hardware Included)

Now I haven’t done any embroidery or applique so hoping this will point me in the right direction, I really fancy decorating clothes, particularly skirts with a little more than crochet edging….so far it looks like it might be just what I need….but I will update as I work through it….


The crochet edging has been started here but this will become embroidery practice piece….

Still working through downsizing, yesterday I listed this….


I love it! I had bought it for my holiday but it’s a shame it’s too small for me….you will find it here….


Happy Valentines Day xxx

2 thoughts on “A Crocheted Simplicity Crochet Bag….

    • I know my list of things to do is growing every single day……and I don’t think I will ever finish it, but I’m going to have a fun time trying!! I am terrible for starting something and not finishing it….I am so close to finishing my poncho….the tassels are taking ages!!


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