Moments in Twine Yarn Stash Buster…

My favourite crochet pattern of the day….


You will find this one in the Moments In Twine Etsy Shop.

I love that you can use up all your left over wool and create a beautiful bohemian afghan blanket in the process….oh yes, another on my ever growing list of things to do!  I am still awaiting lilac wool to complete my holiday poncho, but am spending my time decorating a gypsy skirt…


My favourite online place of the day…..


Lucy at Attic 24

This picture this morning inspired me to stride off to the shop in power walk mode to get something to enjoy with a cup of coffee….and get fresh air and exercise in the process.  If you have a passion for crochet and for colour, get the coffee on, treat yourself to a slice of cake and click on the link above and spend some browsing time, inspiring yourself….I can guarantee it’s joyful reading and planning time….

And my favourite quote of the day…..


We can’t tell on face value who is struggling the most so do keep it simple….be kind to everyone….oh indeed it can be a challenge but selfishly it’s very rewarding….

Much love to everyone, have a grand and fabulous weekend caring for each other.

Geri xx

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