The Posh Crochet Poncho…



This is one beautiful looking poncho….I just purchased the pattern mainly because one of the reviews stated that it was easier than it looked…..being a beginner I find it wiser to do one stitch at a time, one line at a time without looking too far ahead, getting overwhelmed and ditching it even before I have started….

I am still having problems with tension, I am obviously stitching too tightly so working on that….so this one might turn out to be child size!

Purchased from The Posh Crochet in Etsy…

At the moment I am finishing off some crochet bunting for Easter….have made a little wash cloth, also to give away at Easter, with some soap… after this, I shall attempt this little beauty…

I have made some enquiries about stocking some wool for you as mentioned in the last post and am chatting to various suppliers….until then I have a batch of possibly discontinued Sirdar Sunseeker Sensation in baby pink for you….£2.00 a ball, at the moment I have 26 left….


Click on the picture and go take a look….I have my eyes on lots of exciting things so keep checking back for progress….

Some Instagram inspiration for you…..which is where all of my inspiration comes from….


From Gabrielle Davies who is currently Spring Cleaning….I have lots of work to do this Easter weekend but that definitely has me wanting to do some sorting and cleaning….

I will be featuring my favourite Instagram accounts so go find me over there….I am pinkcobwebs1

Happy Easter Weekend!!

One thought on “The Posh Crochet Poncho…

  1. The tea kettle cover made me think of Toni Braxton. On the latest episode of her show, Braxton Family Values, she was showing her sisters the covers she crocheted for her pineapple and bananas. She said it helped them to ripen faster. I don’t know if that’s true but I think the concept is cute.

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