Little Peeps Creations….


Little Peeps Creations in Etsy

I discovered Cathy’s creations after selling her some little wooden tree buttons….because they were blank on the back she painted them the same (in fact much better) then the print on the front…I thought, I must investigate, there is talent here….And, lo and behold I was right….not only are the items beautifully made, they are a massively welcome change to some of the mass produced toys on the market these days….all needing batteries and buried in plastic….

Of course, it there are rainbow colours involved I’m there…..mesmerised.  If my daughter were younger she would be having these….as it is we are currently going through the teenage years….I am a constant embarrassment for which I am extremely proud.

Should I be buying gifts for little ones in the future I will be popping back to this shop for a little spree….


Cathy’s painted tree buttons!  Brilliant!! So good I am now considering buying in some button blanks and having a go myself!

I do have more bright buttons on the way so click on the Etsy tab above….yes up there somewhere to see my current offerings…

Have a happy day!!!

Geri x

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