Fields of Gold Blanket Pattern…

Oh dear it’s been ages since I found some good patterns for you….I have been so busy!

So, I had a few spare minutes and found this one….


Jane Crowfoot is a devine designer of crochet patterns.
This is an original Jane Crowfoot crochet pattern for a beautiful blanket with the title
“Fields of Gold” with sunflowers and poppies.
It is a 12 page A4 size full colour printed brochure pattern with lots of detailed fotos.

This pattern is written in UK crochet terms, but has a legend with translation into USA crochet terms.


Available at the time of writing from Purple Yarns Shop at £5.49 plus any postage….remember it’s the actual booklet and not a downloadable file….if it’s still there after my pay day I’m going back to get it! Just click on the picture to go check it out….

I am currently doing the Coastal Crochet CAL, a little behind again but easy to catch up….


And I have been making some jewellery….all available up there on the Etsy tab….

That’s my few minutes over…..busy again…

Happy Days x

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