How to Have a Good Day…


So far I have had tea….in fact 3.30am was the first one when I awoke to find Christopher wandering around opening all the windows…I am guessing he was having his night sweats….I’m wearing comfy clothes…I know it makes me sound old… but hey ho…comfy clothes is the way to go….the rest is yet to come….

What’s happening here…well, the season is upon us and everyone wants a wetsuit so I am getting my daily workouts heaving boxes and trying to find the suits that have sold…you will find them on the Leggings tab above….all part of the same mad monkey beach site….

I am slowly going through the boxes of my own things I have to sell as part of the ever ongoing decluttering….that’s on the Ebay tab up there…you won’t find much each time as you guys are buying it quicker than I can sell it but something new goes on there every day….

And I am channelling creativity by using all the beads I have….you will find the creations at the Etsy tab up there….


This one due to be listed in there today.

And my favourite Etsy find today….


Oh yes! It’s Unicorn Poop for your fairy garden…. now, I don’t have a fairy garden but I am sure I could sneak one in without Christopher noticing….

Click on the picture and check out this shop Hello Little Cloud…it’s very cute!!

Here’s to another happy, sunny day here in North Cornwall xx

Luz Patterns – little girls crochet cardigan



This Boho spring bolero crochet pattern is ideal for the spring/summer season, this crochet pattern is a great way of using up any ends of yarns from your stash! A very colourful boho shrug / bolero for toddlers and little girls, a unique pattern you must have in your library!. This crochet pattern will explained how to crochet this top down shrug making it in one piece seamless for a much neater finished.

Luz Patterns Etsy Shop

Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 23

Oh dear I’m massively behind again! I’m catching up over the weekend!!

Coastal Crochet


Week 23 and we’re going to start by doing just two more rows of the Raised Ripple stitch to soften that line with last weeks rows. And mine are in blue with white like the sea lapping up on the sand and creating those ripples…


…but yours can be in any colour you like! And then we end with Long Wave Stitch – yes the waves are back again!

But first here is this weeks round-up of blankets being shared over on Instagram


So at the end of row 96 you should have joined with a new colour and made 3ch which counts as the first tr of this next row.

Remember it’s UK terminology… dtr=double treble (US treble), tr=treble (US double crochet), htr= half treble (US half double), dc=double crochet (US single crochet)

And I did the YouTube tutorial if that helps…

RdtrF: Raised double treble Front: complete…

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Gypset Co Turquoise Bracelets


Oh wow!!! I am a huge fan of turquoise and how pretty are these!

You will find them through Etsy at the Gypset Co shop.

You will find similar in moonstone and mystic blue druzy…absolutely beautiful.

In Samantha’s own words:

“Gypset was born on the shores of Nicaragua on a honeymoon with my husband. We were amazed at all the beautiful stones washing up on the beach so we bought an extra suitcase, filled it with rocks and brought them home to Florida. We polished and drilled all the stones and decided to make jewelry out of them for fun. About a year later and a beautiful little baby boy, I decided to be my own boss and take on Gypset full time in hopes of never having to go back to a 9-5. I now run Gypset out of a little studio in Winter Park and am so happy to be able to do this full time and officially have 30 stockists under my belt after just 2 short years.

Since our relaxing days in Nicaragua, Gypset has evolved to be a brand focused on quality and uniqueness. Using only high quality metals and gemstones, we hope that our pieces reflect the beauty that exists around the world and brings light and happiness to our customers.

Gypset is an unconventional, bohemian approach to life. It’s best described by Vienda Maria // “To have a modern, nomadic lifestyle where your love and appreciation for the world and all of life translates into a multifaceted travel experience””

It’s well worth a look for the really pretty variety of lovelies to choose from.  If you end up treating yourself let me know….I love a good shopping chat….

Geri :o) x

Catching up!!

A quick apology, I’ve not been well, Georgia has been doing her exams and work is very very busy….I must try harder….so, here’s a quick link to a pattern on Etsy for you….


I’m currently running behind on the Seaside Blanket from Coastal Crochet but will catch up!  I’m also beading, using up all of the beads I have and giving you the opportunity to purchase the beads I won’t be using….so, click here Pink Cobwebs or go to the tab up above there somewhere….

Off to work now!!!


Spanish Dancer Shawl – Crochet Pattern

Another pattern to go on my pile…..

It's all in a Nutshell Crochet

My Spanish Dancer Shawl is now available. This shawl is large enough to make it possible to wear in many different ways, and has a fabulous drape due to the beaded edge. The lace version of the shawl is perfect for warm summer evenings, whereas the thicker double knit version is well suited for winter wearing.


Materials for DK Version

Scheepjes Our Tribe is available from Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU)Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Knotty House (CA) or your favorite Scheepjes stockist.

Materials for Lace Version

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A year in the life of my Yarn Bomb…

I love this!!

Coastal Crochet

It’s International Yarn Bombing Day (yes there is such a day!) tomorrow on 11th June…

Which means it’s been a year since I yarn bombed a railing leading down to our local beach! I wrote about it in a blog post here- My-yarn-bomb

Yarnbomb 1

And amazingly it’s still there!!!! Yes, it’s faded and looking pretty weathered (it’s endured a year of everything the sea can throw at it!) but it’s still there and looking pretty, which was its original aim. This photo was taken last weekend – exactly a year to the day since I put it there…


I never imagined when I put it up that it would last a month, let alone a year! Acrylic yarn is definitely the way to go. And I thought it might get removed by people but it hasn’t. The faded and weathered colours means it looks right at home there… Every time…

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