A year in the life of my Yarn Bomb…

I love this!!

Coastal Crochet

It’s International Yarn Bombing Day (yes there is such a day!) tomorrow on 11th June…


Which means it’s been a year since I yarn bombed a railing leading down to our local beach! I wrote about it in a blog post here- My-yarn-bomb

Yarnbomb 1

And amazingly it’s still there!!!! Yes, it’s faded and looking pretty weathered (it’s endured a year of everything the sea can throw at it!) but it’s still there and looking pretty, which was its original aim. This photo was taken last weekend – exactly a year to the day since I put it there…


I never imagined when I put it up that it would last a month, let alone a year! Acrylic yarn is definitely the way to go. And I thought it might get removed by people but it hasn’t. The faded and weathered colours means it looks right at home there… Every time…

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