How to Have a Good Day…


So far I have had tea….in fact 3.30am was the first one when I awoke to find Christopher wandering around opening all the windows…I am guessing he was having his night sweats….I’m wearing comfy clothes…I know it makes me sound old… but hey ho…comfy clothes is the way to go….the rest is yet to come….

What’s happening here…well, the season is upon us and everyone wants a wetsuit so I am getting my daily workouts heaving boxes and trying to find the suits that have sold…you will find them on the Leggings tab above….all part of the same mad monkey beach site….

I am slowly going through the boxes of my own things I have to sell as part of the ever ongoing decluttering….that’s on the Ebay tab up there…you won’t find much each time as you guys are buying it quicker than I can sell it but something new goes on there every day….

And I am channelling creativity by using all the beads I have….you will find the creations at the Etsy tab up there….


This one due to be listed in there today.

And my favourite Etsy find today….


Oh yes! It’s Unicorn Poop for your fairy garden…. now, I don’t have a fairy garden but I am sure I could sneak one in without Christopher noticing….

Click on the picture and check out this shop Hello Little Cloud…it’s very cute!!

Here’s to another happy, sunny day here in North Cornwall xx

2 thoughts on “How to Have a Good Day…

    • Tea instead of coffee, gin and tonic instead of wine…but absolutely yes to a good book in the shade and binge watching Netflix in my PJs….in fact I need a new pair of Pyjamas for just this purpose….I shall shop later….My daughter is currently binge watching Friends…I am very proud, it was my favourite programme back in the day…I had them all in video form…yes! video….:-) x


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