Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 27

Coastal Crochet


It’s Week 27… wow! And this week we start with a couple more rows of Granny Stitches before yes, the bobbles are back! 🙂 And this time my bobbles are like floating buoys at sea…


These buoys obviously have a hugely practical purpose but I do like the look of them too… we have found many washed up on our local beaches over the years and now have quite a collection at home in the garden… here’s the very photo that kickstarted my ‘Crochet Along’ idea and you can see some buoys there… 🙂 🙂


Before we get onto this week rows, here’s the usual round up from Instagram


Lots of people are still just starting out with this blanket which is fantastic and there are a couple of finishers too! Kath @spiritawaycrochet has finished her gorgeous smaller blanket and look at what Mary @merry_paws has done in the middle…

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