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I love this idea!!!

Catherine's Crochet Corner

After the gloom and frustration of my last post, I have some good news to report 😀 no, not a new pattern design precisely, but a new project. Some creativity, at least.

I have embarked on another freeform crochet project. This time a more functional item than The Starry Night: a cushion cover.

To be more precise, a cover for my wheelchair cushion.

As many of you know, I use a wheelchair most of the time when I’m out and about. It’s a nice wheelchair. Lightweight, easy to manoevre, very comfortable. And then there’s the cushion, which is dark grey and covered in vinyl.

It’s boring. It’s dull. Okay, so I don’t actually see it a lot of the time (and neither does anybody else!) because I’m sitting on it, but hey, just because something isn’t seen much doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, right?

So here I go…

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