Appreciate Your Season in Life..

“Just as seasons of the year come and go, so do seasons of life. We’re kids, in college, young adults, newly married, raising children, empty-nesters, grandparents, caring for ageing parents, being cared for ourselves… or any combination of the seasons above. Those who are most satisfied with life are those who appreciate the current season of life they are in and learn to make the most of it. They do not long for the next one or attempt to continue living in the previous one. They accept the reality of changing seasons and embrace each one with grace and resolve.”

From Becoming Minimalist


Snooze the Blog




Oh yes, this is my happy place….the seasons change and the crochet sofa is pushed over to the woodburner….that marvellous crochet blanket was purchased from a charity shop for just £5….it’s just starting to need a couple of squares replacing….but it’s been such a delight!  Embrace the colder weather, pull on the fluffy socks, experiment with hot chocolate flavours and enjoy!


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