I miss my pre-internet brain…


Don’t get me wrong, the internet can be brilliant, when you need to find out an answer to a question, Google it….you can’t always believe everything you find out, but a little common sense goes a long way.  However, I do feel sometimes like there is no room left in my brain for any more information, all of those tabs are open,  I’m close to exploding.

Without even meaning to see negative things,  horrible stories, you find yourself reading them anyway….and suddenly, you are programming your subconscious brain, you start to run on pure chaos.  You start trying to multi-task without even knowing you are doing it.  It all gets so difficult and you can’t quite put your finger on why this is.

It’s time to take a deep breath and focus.  Just focus on one thing at a time.  Write everything else on a list to refer to at a later time, prioritise and focus.  Work your way through that list, item by item and fight through the brain fog.

You can take control over your thoughts, all of those thoughts that filter down to your subconscious mind and becomes negativity settlement.  Do you really need to watch horror films, in fact, do you really need to watch the news.  I don’t watch the news and I feel great, I’m surviving through the ignorance.

Find a motivational You Tube channel and watch a 10 minute video every morning before you start your day…see how different it feels to waking up and watching Breakfast News every morning.  Go to sleep at night listening to guided manifestations or subliminal messages….make it all a positive experience.  Who cares if you or anyone else thinks it’s all new age mumbo jumbo, it’s free and it’s worth a try to see if it works for you.  If it doesn’t, just move on….

Meditation just slows down the bombardment of thoughts that are ever spinning around in your brain, you concentrate on your breathing (I am such a shallow breather that this in itself helps me), you bring total awareness to your body and shut out the outside world.  Try it for just 10 minutes a day, see how it feels.

Make lists for the future, short term, long term just to stop storing it in your brain.  This will help you live for the moment whilst still having those plans, dreams and goals.  If you think about it, living for the moment is exactly what you used to do as a child.

Take yourself out into the natural world, even if it’s just for a walk at lunchtime, take yourself away from the desk, switch off your phone.  Find a beach, a park, a forest, some woods, on the moors or even your back garden.  Find time to look at the sky, the trees, the water and put the trivial matters of the world in a box and forget about them for a short while.

I am trying some of these things and it’s working for me.  I had slipped into watching awful documentaries,  there are so many, serial killers, true crime, abductions.  I have no idea why I was doing it, but I decided the time had come for some motivation, some positive thinking, some getting back to basics.

So, go ahead and use the internet for different things….make it work for you, learn from it….but every now and again (for the older ones amongst us), remember your pre-internet brain and be thankful that you do.  Remember to think before buying meaningless things you don’t need just because an advert has popped up before you, or your favourite influencer says you should get it.  Remember that sometimes less is more and experiences are usually longer lasting than computer games and social media.

Work on taking control and getting your life back.


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