A Quick Catch Up


Oh I’ve not been posting much on here in ages….so much has been happening.

At Christmas Christopher received this book…


Find here in my Amazon favourites #ad

It was a bit of a light bulb moment….and the idea was born.

So, we had been hoping to put the house on the market this year, it was nearly finished.  So New Year and new start….massively working on finishing the house.  Massively working on selling all the unnecessary things we own (see Etsy and Ebay tabs above…I’m still working through all of it).

To cut a long story short….we have accepted an offer on our house and have had an offer accepted on another house and we are in that in-between stage, packing up stuff and hoping nothing will go wrong on either side.

For now I will be tidying up the old posts on this site and using it to update on our progress.  A bit of how we got rid of everything, a bit of showing how we managed to downsize….when we get a camper van….where we travel to….budgeting tips….books that have helped….other websites and blogs we have found useful….

But be patient (she says just visualising taking out the last box and moving on)…we have a houseful of stuff to pack, a warehouse of stuff to sort out, some cars to sell, two cats to settle into a new area…a huge amount of hinching to be done. If you know you know…

We will have an official blog to point you towards when it’s up and running….

Watch this space x

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