Let the Sun Shine…


So, we finally have some sunshine, yay!  I said I would put something in here every day, no matter how short and sweet, so here we go…

The garden is looking beautiful here, the roses are appearing and the pears are plentiful on the trees….but, it’s not daunting in the slightest that we will be moving to a garden where we will have to replicate this all over again…the joy is in the challenge and the joy is in the leaving this for someone else to love…



I have boxes everywhere indoors and probably filling them slower than I should, I have a multitude of things listed for sale….pop up to the Etsy and Ebay tabs above…but be sure to come back again….

Mollie keeps making me jump leaping from random boxes, she won’t go into her cat box that easily when the time comes….Both cats loving the sun….Mollie, the queen on her blanket and Timmy the tomboy on her cardboard box…

As with any house sale there will always be hiccups….a mundic report? Who knew there was such a thing….maybe everybody except me…

Anyway, apparently from 1900 to 1960s, in Cornwall, houses started to be built using mundic blocks, which in some cases are deteriorating….luckily our house was made of natural stone…so hopefully this should all sort itself out soon… Google it if you never heard of it….pretty historically interesting…

Talking of history, I found all the paper work for this property dating back to 1898ish….when it was a plot of land (an orchard garden) until around 1925 when the guy who came here from being in the Navy at Devonport decided to build on it.  There was even one owner of the property with the same surname as me, even though I can’t find them in my family tree so likely not related.

Christopher told me the story about a lady turning up at the house when it was being renovated because she used to live here….we believe she was the daughter of the Naval officer….she showed him the room she was born in…..fascinating….

Onwards now with packing and suchlike….have a beautiful sunny day…x

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