Every Day I’m Snufflin’ …


Yes indeed I am back with another update….3 days in a row….

Let it be said that even though I totally love the sunny weather, I’m just not sleeping well in it….yes, the dreaded pollen….I don’t mind the sneezing, I don’t tend to get watery eyes, I don’t mind the nose blowing….it’s the itching I can’t bear….my throat! My tongue feels about five times too big for my mouth and the roof of my mouth….another story altogether…Anyway, holding it together to enjoy the sunshine.


The Mundic report as of yesterday has sorted itself out, no, we don’t need a Mundic report for a natural slate built house….good news and thanks to the original Navy guy owner who built a quality building and didn’t take the cheap route.


Of course, as always, I feel I am completely behind schedule and you just know in the last few days before moving you will be cramming half the house into unlabelled boxes never to be seen again….Anyway, Bedroom 3 has empty cupboards, bed stripped ready to dismantle and curtains coming down later on today…an almost emptied room, there is a start…

I still have some treasures to sort through, trying hard not to find anymore for a few weeks whilst the house move goes through…then I will be back to treasure hunting again very soon, it’s an obsession I like to indulge in….New things are all well and good but let’s just appreciate all the things already out there circulating around this world, they are beautiful, they are preloved and have a story to tell and deserve to continue on giving people those sparks of joy.  Go to Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop to browse through my current findings….or click on the Ebay tab above to navigate to my Ebay shop where I am selling all of the things I need to sell to downsize…there are bargains galore, I just need the space!

For now I am off to our warehouse to bundle up the wetsuits and watersports stuff you all require…the link is here: Mad Monkey Surf Shop – but do be aware we are finishing this business to do other things so once it has gone, it’s gone….

Then later a trip to Wadebridge, something to do with van wheels, and maybe a little trip to Crackington Haven for a swift tonic water….maybe a gin…

Cheers and Gone x

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