Thank you for supporting a small business…


I don’t have a small business as such, I have a collecting hobby and sometimes I have too many things so some of them have to go….and I let them go willingly to spark joy with someone else…But, I do love the whole “Etsy thing”…I love that people make such beautiful things, or they have found or collected beautiful vintage things that should not be thrown away….

So, I am going to start bringing to your attention my favourite Etsy finds (these will be #affiliate links because I work hard to find them for you).  If you have an Etsy shop and I haven’t found you yet, for goodness sake make yourself known to me, I am more than happy to add you to my list of favourite shops.

Don’t forget when Etsy shopping to check the postage before purchasing, some high posting costs do make it worthwhile limiting your shopping to the country you are already living in….

Here we go….I currently have over 300 favourite shops so I’m just going to bring you my favourite things from all of them….not all at once today….let’s not get overwhelmed….


This beauty is from Vintage Magnifique on Etsy.  It is currently £24.48 and located in The United States even though the seller will post overseas for you.   There is a large selection of beautiful vintage jewellery especially catering for Brides, Bridesmaids and Proms…or just if you like to treat yourself to something special.  This gorgeous piece is from the 1950s….a great jewellery era.  The shop is run by Kimberly in Cupertino, CA, United States.


The pieces in this shop are absolutely beautiful….Poppy In the Sky shop based in France.  As far as I can see, very reasonable postage…showing as Freepost to us in the UK.  Here you will also find some gorgeous little gnome and fairy doors….I have a new garden soon so I might be visiting here myself….


And here some original boho earrings from Jeweliansun based in Ohio in the United States.  This shop is run by Cathy who brings you an array of colourful earrings made with soldered tin….please do go pay her a visit.

That’s my bit for today my lovelies…don’t forget to contact me if you have an Etsy shop…I do love a good browse…and just sometimes a purchase…

Cheers and gone x

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