Is it Time for Reading Yet….



It has been such a busy weekend we are looking forward to just lying on the sofa with a book for an hour but no time for even five minutes!

On Saturday Georgia had her seventeenth birthday…wow, the time flies!!  We went off to Haldon Forest in Exeter – our first experience of an outdoors cinema, a sing a long to The Greatest Showman.  Originally a present for Christopher but happened to fall on Georgia’s birthday…what a beautiful place and what a fabulous film…now had countless watchings by us…


How much fun it is to sit under a blanket, watching a great film under the stars…would certainly do this again…(alfresco film company).

Onwards to first thing on Sunday morning, a three and a bit hour trip up to Christchurch to check out a motor home…we have been looking for ages…

Absolutely perfect!!  Here she is with old owner and new owner….we still have to come up with a name for her…this might come to us once she has been collected…we very much promise to look after her as it was a reluctant sale from her previous owner…

And as for the girls….


Very much oblivious to the impending house move….fingers crossed they take it well…they might enjoy the chicken dinners they will get when we are at our new house…the way to a cats heart is through the stomach…:-)

Obviously now busy so…

Cheers and Gone…x

The Magic of Beginnings…


So, oh yes, another busy day….packing stuff, just packing stuff….


Three years ago the garage was almost finished….the stairs weren’t finished, there was plastering to be done, the carpet yet to go into the office space….the scaffolding was still up…here we are today, the house has been sold and the completion date just days away…it all seems a little surreal….how things change…but the excitement for new beginnings…absolutely worth it.

My Etsy shop and Ebay shop will remain open but do expect very small delays with orders….our new house is about 45mins drive from the warehouse… I am going to get better at driving!

Enjoy the sunshine..

Cheers and Gone xx

Home is Where the Heart is…


Oh Wow….our possible exchange of contract date is the 8th August….suddenly all the cupboards here still look pretty full and all the cleaning needs doing…I know we will end up doing it in time but it doesn’t take away that sudden mad panic does it?

So, for now all of the bits awaiting Etsy shop listing will be packed away, the treasures already in there will be just where I can get to them so no delay if you still want to purchase.  The Ebay shop will fill up pretty quickly, I have lots to be rid of…lots of ex shop display wetsuits and bits and pieces I no longer want.

The time is just right to make a move….we have been here around 10 years and it has been an amazing 10 years, we have built a watersports kit business which is now ready to finish…we ran a flyboarding experience business for a season (that was pretty different)… This house was hugely renovated, hugely extended, it seemed to take so long but now it is massively worth it… We do hope the next residents love it….We do hope our two cats (who moved in by choice whilst living wild in the garden) love the new garden…now there will be an experience – I felt a bit bad about it but on consideration, they live here because of us (and the food we give them) not because they love the house and the garden….


I have had the odd few gin and tonics on this decking whilst the sun has gone down and Christopher has worked many hours in the office above the garage… But now we are looking forward to new beginnings in a new place…we are going from the North coast of Cornwall to the South coast of Cornwall…it will be interesting.

I’m off to sling more stuff in boxes now….trying to remember to label them.  Then I am having an early reading night with The Secret….


Has anyone else read this or watched the film, I have heard so much about it so decided to have a read….I have linked the picture to it on Amazon, but I can’t comment on it just yet because I have some reading to do… I will let you know… please do comment below if you have read it…

That’s it for now! Lots to do!

Cheers and Gone x

Crochet Maxi Dress Pattern…

 I haven’t shared an Etsy pattern link for a little while but couldn’t resist this one.  It’s not a dress that would look good on me, I might look for a similar skirt pattern…but I love it.


You will find it on Etsy at the Timeless One shop.

I do love some retro crochet….for all the beautiful blanket patterns out there, the granny stitch will always remain my favourite…it just has some added nostalgia for me…

Oh and it’s Joe Browns sale time….the ONLY time I buy anything new will be Asda for the basics, leggings etc and Joe Browns sale…great bargains to be had, I have my eye on a couple of bits there… go take a look and try not to put the items I want into “out of stock”.

Joe Browns Sale

Oops apparently that link doesn’t work so just click on Sale when you get there…

Geri x

WTF is Happening to Me…


I’m actually doing OK….but I am getting the strange sweats….not night sweats thankfully…but it’s like, you know if you have your hand next to the side of your laptop and then, I don’t know a fan comes on or something and it starts blowing out heat…it’s just like that…..and it lasts for about five minutes and you wonder why on earth you wore a top with sleeves today so you go and change and then ten minutes later you are cold again.

I have always cried for no reason and always had brain fog so I am already used to that.

I am medicating with chocolate and tea, ice cream when I have it, crisps, oh my god to nibble on crisps….I have managed to stop online purchases and I never have more than five pairs of shoes…Netflix, yes that is comfort activity and Sam Elliott, I had to Google him and oh indeed yes….that will help too…

My waistline has disappeared….will it ever come back?  Not if I keep medicating with chocolate and crisps I guess.

Anyway, I should be packing boxes but the dreaded M is slowing me down today…I think this calls for a cup of tea in the garden…

Cheers and Gone x

The Chub Rub Club…


I have been wearing some very baggy cycling style cotton shorts under skirts but my goodness, I am already getting menopausal sweats so this has been no help.

Yesterday I received some shorts from Snag Tights (not an ad or a paid link).


They were really nicely packed and came really quickly but when I opened them I thought Good Lord I am never fitting into those.  I have flung my reading specs on top of them to give an indication of the size.  Anyway, they felt really nice and quality so I have put them on.  Absolutely not a struggle, they don’t feel tight and they are amazingly comfy.  They come in all sizes because the elusive thigh gap is not a given for a smaller lady…even when much fitter, I never had one…And you can only appreciate the need for something like this after you have actually felt the pain…it can’t be put into words..

Anyway, I’m off out into the world now to walk about a bit and see if it works…so far so good….I will be back…

Cheers and Gone x

Enjoying Less….


If there is one thing this house moving is highlighting, it is that happiness is most definitely not in the amount of things we own.  But oh how old habits are so hard to break.  Cleaning out the cupboards found four boxes of cornflour, all opened and maybe used once….a multitude of tubes of tomato puree, it seems I have a blind spot for it when I check to see if I have any to use.

We have sent bags and bags of things to the charity shop, we have sold some things, we have tipped some things but I still find myself packing things in boxes I know I won’t use….I’m seeing this as my donation to the charity shop in the next town we are moving to…


Don’t be deceived by how organised this looks….the boxes from my craft cupboard all contain things I don’t use or need, a project yes for the next house.

My living area is full of boxes here and I’m currently not missing any anxiety medication….yes, if all of this stuff makes me anxious then surely doing away with most of it will indeed bring some calm…

I have even been changing my skin routine…oh yes, don’t we all have so many pots and bottles of lotions and potions…all in plastic containers which we have had for years…I will let you into a little secret…I never use shower wash…just too many chemicals…our bodies are pretty good at looking after themselves and I find an exfoliating mitt is fine.  I discovered lately that even though I absolutely love Liz Earle cleanse and polish and yes I will treat myself to it now and again, it is actually the exfoliating cloths which are the real heroes…now the Liz cloths get soft far too quickly for me…I am a psoriasis sufferer and I get it on my face (I got it on my face about a week after the doctor told me not to worry that I wouldn’t get it on my face…) Anyway, I have found the most fabulous exfoliating cloth and I am currently using it with absolutely no face products, I use it twice a day and it’s the best my skin has ever been!



It is the Amazing Exfoliator, I got mine on Amazon and I see it also being sold as a tan remover…. Oh my goodness my things on the bathroom shelf just got so much tidier… I finally gave in and realise I really don’t like the way make up feels so I only have a face powder (to hide the menopausal shine), and eye liner (when I am feeling exotic and I need to look like I made an effort) and a lip balm…

I only need one perfume…I only need one brush…I packed all of my underwear except for three sets…it seems that’s all I need…I have one pair of boots, I have one pair of flip flops, one pair of nice sandals (I do have to socialise now and again), I have a pair of trainers (light walks) and a pair of walking boots (longer walks).

I need a small handbag and a large handbag…and an overnight bag…

Back to the packing for now…but keeping you up to date with how the downsizing helps the anxiety…watch this space…

Cheers and gone x

Whose Idea Was it to Move…


And for this very reason it will be short and sweet today….Mondays are always busy because our warehouse is closed over the weekend and I have a weekends worth of wetsuits to send out…I also have some jewellery to pack and send.



The packing goes on and I am ever grateful that we decided to start decluttering ages ago…it would have been a nightmare…We STILL have things we don’t use so it is an ongoing process.  Also memories, this comes with going through your things…finding things that make you shed a tear…oh dear oh dear…some things just will not be thrown away…

I am still going through my jewellery stash and listing mainly on Etsy, even though you will find some 99p auctions on Ebay also, along with wetsuits, shoes, clothes, bags…anything we no longer need.  Tabs up top as always.


I do have a bit of a thing for silver, this necklace currently still available (Etsy) and comes with matching earrings….very cute…

Lots to do, cheers and gone x