Whose Idea Was it to Move…


And for this very reason it will be short and sweet today….Mondays are always busy because our warehouse is closed over the weekend and I have a weekends worth of wetsuits to send out…I also have some jewellery to pack and send.



The packing goes on and I am ever grateful that we decided to start decluttering ages ago…it would have been a nightmare…We STILL have things we don’t use so it is an ongoing process.  Also memories, this comes with going through your things…finding things that make you shed a tear…oh dear oh dear…some things just will not be thrown away…

I am still going through my jewellery stash and listing mainly on Etsy, even though you will find some 99p auctions on Ebay also, along with wetsuits, shoes, clothes, bags…anything we no longer need.  Tabs up top as always.


I do have a bit of a thing for silver, this necklace currently still available (Etsy) and comes with matching earrings….very cute…

Lots to do, cheers and gone x

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