Enjoying Less….


If there is one thing this house moving is highlighting, it is that happiness is most definitely not in the amount of things we own.  But oh how old habits are so hard to break.  Cleaning out the cupboards found four boxes of cornflour, all opened and maybe used once….a multitude of tubes of tomato puree, it seems I have a blind spot for it when I check to see if I have any to use.

We have sent bags and bags of things to the charity shop, we have sold some things, we have tipped some things but I still find myself packing things in boxes I know I won’t use….I’m seeing this as my donation to the charity shop in the next town we are moving to…


Don’t be deceived by how organised this looks….the boxes from my craft cupboard all contain things I don’t use or need, a project yes for the next house.

My living area is full of boxes here and I’m currently not missing any anxiety medication….yes, if all of this stuff makes me anxious then surely doing away with most of it will indeed bring some calm…

I have even been changing my skin routine…oh yes, don’t we all have so many pots and bottles of lotions and potions…all in plastic containers which we have had for years…I will let you into a little secret…I never use shower wash…just too many chemicals…our bodies are pretty good at looking after themselves and I find an exfoliating mitt is fine.  I discovered lately that even though I absolutely love Liz Earle cleanse and polish and yes I will treat myself to it now and again, it is actually the exfoliating cloths which are the real heroes…now the Liz cloths get soft far too quickly for me…I am a psoriasis sufferer and I get it on my face (I got it on my face about a week after the doctor told me not to worry that I wouldn’t get it on my face…) Anyway, I have found the most fabulous exfoliating cloth and I am currently using it with absolutely no face products, I use it twice a day and it’s the best my skin has ever been!



It is the Amazing Exfoliator, I got mine on Amazon and I see it also being sold as a tan remover…. Oh my goodness my things on the bathroom shelf just got so much tidier… I finally gave in and realise I really don’t like the way make up feels so I only have a face powder (to hide the menopausal shine), and eye liner (when I am feeling exotic and I need to look like I made an effort) and a lip balm…

I only need one perfume…I only need one brush…I packed all of my underwear except for three sets…it seems that’s all I need…I have one pair of boots, I have one pair of flip flops, one pair of nice sandals (I do have to socialise now and again), I have a pair of trainers (light walks) and a pair of walking boots (longer walks).

I need a small handbag and a large handbag…and an overnight bag…

Back to the packing for now…but keeping you up to date with how the downsizing helps the anxiety…watch this space…

Cheers and gone x

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