The Chub Rub Club…


I have been wearing some very baggy cycling style cotton shorts under skirts but my goodness, I am already getting menopausal sweats so this has been no help.

Yesterday I received some shorts from Snag Tights (not an ad or a paid link).


They were really nicely packed and came really quickly but when I opened them I thought Good Lord I am never fitting into those.  I have flung my reading specs on top of them to give an indication of the size.  Anyway, they felt really nice and quality so I have put them on.  Absolutely not a struggle, they don’t feel tight and they are amazingly comfy.  They come in all sizes because the elusive thigh gap is not a given for a smaller lady…even when much fitter, I never had one…And you can only appreciate the need for something like this after you have actually felt the pain…it can’t be put into words..

Anyway, I’m off out into the world now to walk about a bit and see if it works…so far so good….I will be back…

Cheers and Gone x

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