WTF is Happening to Me…


I’m actually doing OK….but I am getting the strange sweats….not night sweats thankfully…but it’s like, you know if you have your hand next to the side of your laptop and then, I don’t know a fan comes on or something and it starts blowing out heat…it’s just like that…..and it lasts for about five minutes and you wonder why on earth you wore a top with sleeves today so you go and change and then ten minutes later you are cold again.

I have always cried for no reason and always had brain fog so I am already used to that.

I am medicating with chocolate and tea, ice cream when I have it, crisps, oh my god to nibble on crisps….I have managed to stop online purchases and I never have more than five pairs of shoes…Netflix, yes that is comfort activity and Sam Elliott, I had to Google him and oh indeed yes….that will help too…

My waistline has disappeared….will it ever come back?  Not if I keep medicating with chocolate and crisps I guess.

Anyway, I should be packing boxes but the dreaded M is slowing me down today…I think this calls for a cup of tea in the garden…

Cheers and Gone x

2 thoughts on “WTF is Happening to Me…

  1. I have been going through for about four years was on HRT but stopped it what with the hot weather and hot sweats my waistline has been gone a good while now.


    • It is a strange time! I am thinking maybe work on the waistline one day….maybe….and I am pretty happy to still be alive with no waistline when some of my friends are no longer here….bless them all….for now I am enjoying all the nibbles….and the gin….:-) x


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