Home is Where the Heart is…


Oh Wow….our possible exchange of contract date is the 8th August….suddenly all the cupboards here still look pretty full and all the cleaning needs doing…I know we will end up doing it in time but it doesn’t take away that sudden mad panic does it?

So, for now all of the bits awaiting Etsy shop listing will be packed away, the treasures already in there will be just where I can get to them so no delay if you still want to purchase.  The Ebay shop will fill up pretty quickly, I have lots to be rid of…lots of ex shop display wetsuits and bits and pieces I no longer want.

The time is just right to make a move….we have been here around 10 years and it has been an amazing 10 years, we have built a watersports kit business which is now ready to finish…we ran a flyboarding experience business for a season (that was pretty different)… This house was hugely renovated, hugely extended, it seemed to take so long but now it is massively worth it… We do hope the next residents love it….We do hope our two cats (who moved in by choice whilst living wild in the garden) love the new garden…now there will be an experience – I felt a bit bad about it but on consideration, they live here because of us (and the food we give them) not because they love the house and the garden….


I have had the odd few gin and tonics on this decking whilst the sun has gone down and Christopher has worked many hours in the office above the garage… But now we are looking forward to new beginnings in a new place…we are going from the North coast of Cornwall to the South coast of Cornwall…it will be interesting.

I’m off to sling more stuff in boxes now….trying to remember to label them.  Then I am having an early reading night with The Secret….


Has anyone else read this or watched the film, I have heard so much about it so decided to have a read….I have linked the picture to it on Amazon, but I can’t comment on it just yet because I have some reading to do… I will let you know… please do comment below if you have read it…

That’s it for now! Lots to do!

Cheers and Gone x

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