Is it Time for Reading Yet….



It has been such a busy weekend we are looking forward to just lying on the sofa with a book for an hour but no time for even five minutes!

On Saturday Georgia had her seventeenth birthday…wow, the time flies!!  We went off to Haldon Forest in Exeter – our first experience of an outdoors cinema, a sing a long to The Greatest Showman.  Originally a present for Christopher but happened to fall on Georgia’s birthday…what a beautiful place and what a fabulous film…now had countless watchings by us…


How much fun it is to sit under a blanket, watching a great film under the stars…would certainly do this again…(alfresco film company).

Onwards to first thing on Sunday morning, a three and a bit hour trip up to Christchurch to check out a motor home…we have been looking for ages…

Absolutely perfect!!  Here she is with old owner and new owner….we still have to come up with a name for her…this might come to us once she has been collected…we very much promise to look after her as it was a reluctant sale from her previous owner…

And as for the girls….


Very much oblivious to the impending house move….fingers crossed they take it well…they might enjoy the chicken dinners they will get when we are at our new house…the way to a cats heart is through the stomach…:-)

Obviously now busy so…

Cheers and Gone…x

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